Sometimes, on these rare days where it’s so hot you can barely be bothered to breath and the sun feels less like your friend and more like a giant ball of evil, pouring liquid molten directly onto your face, it’s nice to be able to find that perfect track to lie back, stick on your sunglassys and just chill to.

Today, that perfect track comes courtesy of London based, Swedish born artist Akiine. Raised among Swedish forests, Akiine’s music is inspired by other-wordly feelings, melodies and heavenly harmonies that inhabit the darkness within her spirit. All of which are never more present, then on ‘Sunglassy’, one of half of a recent double single.

Heavenly harmonies mix majestically with shimmering melodies and child-like percussion to create an intoxicating blend of fragile, dreamy pop, with a seductive chorus that floats along. By the time it begins its gentle, lullaby-like drift into nothingness, it’s hard not to feel blissed out, ready to lie back and chill. Or has Akiine puts it herself:  “Volume up, headphones on tight. Wake up well or sleep tight tonight.”

A dreamy, other-worldy joy.

Words by George Shaw

Tip courtesy of Dave Maul from Monkeysuit Music

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