This record, Sitting in the Sun, with its heavy and thick wall of colourful sound tantalises you to lay back and let the sun drenched synth-pop of Astral Pattern take you, with its thin clouds of ethereal vocals perched high above the impenetrable wall of Korg synths, propped up by a very catchy processed drum beat, the bass itself seems almost hidden, being delicately played in amongst the super-massive juggernaut of synthesisers, this combined with the drums gives the piece some musical scaffolding to build itself around.

The swirling wall of hisses and bubbles sound as though this musical behemoth has a life of its own, acting independently from the structure provided by the bass and drum beat, and given life by the ethereal vocals. They come together to make a very addictive, all consuming, chunk of sonic engineering: Phil Spector’s wall of sound for the 21st century.

Words by Scott Houghton

Tipped by Rob Platts & Shell Zenner

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