If you’re looking for a song to soundtrack your summer, then look no further than ‘Clearhead’, the gorgeously breezy offering from London-based Irish trio Sisters. They describe their sound as ‘dream-grunge’ (another new genre?!) yet despite that label sounding a little contrived, it’s actually perfectly apt when it comes to the fuzzy Clearhead. There’s a little hint of The Vaselines here (surely the masters of the dreamy, grungey pop song?) and a nod to the jangly C86 indie sound – not dissimilar to the sweeter songs displayed by Veronica Falls on their second album ‘Waiting For Something To Happen.’

The beauty of ‘Clearhead’ is its simple quality; a delicious blend of rattling percussion, fuzz-drenched guitar riffs and sweet vocals which avoid being too saccharine with a sense of melancholy buried just beneath the surface. Be sure to check out the video for Clearhead too, with the band’s irresistible dynamic on display as they lark around London. Not only do they make a ridiculously catchy pop tune, but they look like they’d be a right hoot to hang out with too.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Today’s tip comes courtesy of Suzi Ireland from Bearded Magazine

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