One of life’s greatest pleasures, perhaps only for music nerds, is pinpointing a band’s music influences and realising those comparisons were accurate. Take the latest single from Liverpool’s All We Are, who were first tipped last year. Within five seconds of listening to ‘Utmost Good’ I’ve scribbled “sleepy Bee Gees” and within five seconds of googling it appears the three piece liken themselves to “the Bee Gees on diazepam.” Get in. Admittedly, my tone-deaf nanna could spot the link.

‘Utmost Good’ oozes funk from every drugged beat or wah wah bass note, supplemented by biting falsettos that really would raise the Gibbs’ eyebrows. The track’s drowsy ostinato is addictive and is great company for a lazy Sunday afternoon, especially with the summer months looming. In some ways it’s Unknown Mortal Orchestra at their most laid back, but in others All We Are fashion a much more distilled sound. It’s a delight to hear.

Catch the Liverpool lot at The Seabright Arms on 17th June.

Words by Charlotte Krol

Tipped by Phil from Not Many Experts

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