Bipolar Sunshine is the solo audio project of Manchester’s Adio Marchant, and he’s making some seriously catchy tunes right about now.

Marchant has been pricking up the ears of tastemakers all over the place including BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, John Kennedy, John Hillcock, Eddy Temple-Morris and BBC Introducing.

The track itself exposes an emotional fragility within Bipolar Sunshine’s music, but the immediacy of those live drums can’t help but make this one feel upbeat.

Bipolar Sunshine have also enlisted the help of London house duo Toyboy & Robin, who themselves have been featured on the pages of The Tipping Point, to remix ‘Rivers’.

Another up-and-coming producer who has stepped up on remix duty is Scottish producer Sega Bodega, who funnily enough has also been featured on The Tipping Point before.

Bipolar Sunshine’s debut EP is set to be released at the beginning of summer.

Words by Patrick Swift

Tip courtesy of Shell Zenner, Josh Dalton & The Great Escape

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  1. […] all the way from Manchester this year; and what a year it has been. Ever since we first featured him on our Tipping Point last May, Bipolar Sunshine has tallied up various festival appearances, Hottest Record on Zane Lowe’s […]

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