This week I’m feeling particularly sorry for myself – it’s a Friday night but I’m resigned to reading about anti-capitalist investments for an essay due in next week.

Graduation is tantalising close and when it’s all over I picture myself celebrating by running around the city centre like Rocky (except there’ll be more beer and no scenes of gratuitous burgeoning athleticism). But, for now, I’m in an academic cave and Kins are my soundtrack.

‘Post Tropical Storm’ is ostensibly another mellow indie pop record although there is also an unnerving, lilting disquiet established by the Joe Newman-esque vocal.  Lyrically it’s preoccupied with escapism – ‘reality, I don’t think’s for me’ (I relate). ‘Dream-like’ is one of those irksome phrases that crops up all too often in music journalism yet it seems appropriate here. ‘Post Tropical Storm’ sounds like hypnogogia – when consciousness begins to peacefully capitulate to the heavy onset of sleep; it’s calming and unsettling all at once. If you like this one then you should have a listen to their track ‘Pale Faced Fear’ or, if you’re real keen bean, catch them gigging around Brighton and beyond.

Words by Lauren Vevers

 Tipped by Joe Frankland

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