Wow, following a quick look for Kiran Kai x Carla on your generic internet search engine, it’s clear that this duo’s latest single is being picked up by some of the web’s choicest tastemaker blogs. The Line Of Best Fit, Pigeons & Planes, Abeano, MTHRFNKR, you name it, ‘Drift’ is there.

To put Kiran Kai x Carla into context a little further, they’re a South London production duo who are relatively unknown as it stands but that could all change when their debut EP, ‘Equanimity’, drops on July 1.

A pitched-down menacing male vocal steers the track through its five-minute duration, where ‘Drift’ clearly resists being pigeonholed into one genre. Elements of trap, jazz and indie all rub shoulders while Carla’s silky vocals coat the tune with a layer of class.

Watch out for more to come from Kiran Kai x Carla in the near future.

Words by Patrick Swift

Tipped by Dan Carson from The Line Of Best Fit

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