LA/London poster girl, artist and fashionista Phlo Finister isn’t exactly modest. “I’m a underground R&B singer I don’t need no major deal to be a legend”, she says, “I inspire myself, you just use me for inspiration.” Statements like these are often the workings of PR, but in Ms Finister’s case it seems authentic – stemming from collaborations with respected underground hip-hop groups (Raider Klan) and fashion stints for Dolce and Gabbana. Time to give her a little listen then.

‘Coca Cola Classic’ is Aaliyah given a dubby makeover; Phlo’s sultry vocals glide above a sub-bass that would make Katy B quake in her boots. It’s not a dubstep track in its own right, however, and it’s enjoyable to locate all the interlocking genres from rap, to soul, to hip-hop and beyond. Shady synthesisers and glitchy electronics bleep around analogies of drug addiction, whilst Phlo’s desire for “real love” is summated by “fuck that fake shit.” Lovely.

This LA/London songstress is certain to divide opinions with her daring statements, but her music is worth keeping an eye on.

Words by Charlotte Krol

Tipped by Tom Cotton from Amazing Radio

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