Symphonic Pictures

Excitement has been brewing around Symphonic Pictures and their upcoming eponymous debut EP release for a while now. Their graceful flair for creating experimental, yet engaging psychedelic melodies has seen them earn friends and fans across the region.

Now, to add further flame to the excitable Symphonic Pictures fire, the band have dropped ‘Backwoods’, the latest track to be taken from the aforementioned EP. Easing in with glittering keys, before its stuttering, spitting drums take over, ‘Backwoods’ is another excellent slice of alluring, lo-fi psych pop from the Newcastle five piece.

Hypnotic synths are sprinkled delicately over repetitive, thundering drums that combine to form the backbone of a track that burns slowly, but brightly. It simmers throughout, as soothing, luscious vocals declare: “I can’t ignore/it’s you I adore”, bringing the likes of MGMT to mind.

By the time that fuzzy guitar solo takes centre stage and the song builds to its textured, sensuous conclusion, it begins to feel like Symphonic Picture are trying to brainwash you into some sort of cult. I’m not sure where they want to take me, but on the basis of this, I’d be more than happy to go.

Symphonic Pictures have some exciting shows lined up for 2013, including a spot on the bill at Generator’s showcase show at The Great Escape this year.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Dan Carson from The Line Of Best Fit

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