Mainstays on the Leeds circuit, but never remaining settled in the nest,  Post War Glamour Girls look set to make that final step off the perch with this brooding-thumper of a release.

‘Jazz Funerals’ is loaded with frenzied activity. Haunting and delicate at times before growling  vocals and spangly guitars whisk the track into life.  Make no mistake, this isn’t a band experimenting the shit out of a track without it having purpose, quite the opposite.  Demonstrating a niche for adapting and allowing you to enjoy a sense of discovery throughout, this single is nothing more than commendable and a huge development for the young Four-piece. The track demands resolute honesty with their post-punk roots, but with more subtlety than previous efforts.

This is three and a half minutes of dramatic pop noir. Does it satisfy me? Not nearly enough, but that is the beauty of this enigmatically manic track. For a while now Post War Glamour Girls have made this their calling card and I for one will not give up my quest to quench that thirst and neither should you.

Post War Glamour Girls play Live at Leeds 4th May and the band have tipped a load of artists playing the event, here’s their Youtube playlist.

Words by Emma Howe

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