Having had a very prolific past couple of months, London rapper ItsNate released the video for his ‘WSLTA Remix’ earlier this week which sees the 23-year-old teaming up with acclaimed Grime MC, G FrSH as well as regular collaborators Catch’Em and Piff Gang‘s Phaze One.

The track follows on from the success of the original WSTLA, produced by fast rising UK producer J.D. Reid, which was a standout from his latest mixtape ‘Never Average Talking Excellent‘. An acronym for “Where She Learn That At?”, the track draws from Kanye West‘s ‘Blame Game’ which incorporated a skit where Chris Rock asks West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, “How’d learn that?”, Rose answering “Yeezy Taught Me”.

ItsNate‘s use of the catchphrase for the hook, extending into a braggadocios rap about his love for the ladies and, of course, their reciprocating adoration for him. The result is a rare beast; a UK hip-hop track that is credible and popular amongst both male and female listeners. Add some of the most exciting up-and-coming rappers out right now, and throw a curveball by adding one of Grime’s most promising talents to the already buzzing track and you have one hell of a remix!

Bonus: Check out ItsNate‘s also recently released visual for ‘Windy’ produced by Sumgii, another favourite from ‘Never Average Talking Excellent’

Words by Grant Brydon

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