With Generator’s ‘Evolution Emerging’ Festival about six weeks away, and drawing ever nearer, it feels like an appropriate time to shift our focus back onto our own North East territory. While ‘Evolution Emerging’ will feature of plethora of must-see new musical talent, our eye of scrutiny today falls upon new comers CHILD. Formed out of the remnants of We Beat The System, CHILD spent the latter half of 2012 working with Mick Ross on consolidating their new sound and producing their debut single ‘You’ll Never Know’.

Having now emerged into the limelight, CHILD’s sound is certainly one of the most exciting to come out of the North East in recent times. Clear, distinct vocals are matched with a vein of melody that transverses elements of raucous, percussion driven energy, and building, pop-sensible riffs. The video for ‘You’ll Never Know’ draws upon scenes of youthful rebellion and political oppression, anchored with a declaration of ‘in a democracy, let us all unite’. While CHILD may simply be drawing from the unbounded energy that such scenes can provoke, the video does mirror a track that grabs your attention and works its way into stirring your mind into an impassioned awakening. While the band’s debut effort ends with ‘Am I meant to forget about everything?’, we certainly won’t be forgetting CHILD any time soon.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tipped by Bob Allan

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