It’s nice to be surprised by something. London’s The Mispers certainly know how to catch you off guard – presenting all the components of modern folk in ‘Lightship 95’ but refusing to put them together in an expected order. Perhaps the energy of their youth is the driving force behind such practice.

‘Lightship 95’ opens with lullaby guitars and yearning strings – so far so good. Frontman Jack has an impressive vocal that brightens the hushed instruments and stops you heading into a (albeit nice!) daydream. Suddenly, the tempo picks up, three-part harmonies race against shifting rhythms and the violin plays like it’s a math-rock guitar. The rather infectious line, “Am I yours to hold?”, circulates the track which is now in a completely transformed state. Refreshing stuff. The Mispers play Kendal Calling in July.

Words by Charlotte Krol

Tipped by Joe Frankland

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