It feels like pretty much every time I write a Tipping Point these days I’m talking about a band who have just formed this year. I don’t know if there was something magic in the New Year whiskey this year or what, but somehow 2013 seems to have given bands more urgency to propel themselves into people’s attention quicker than ‘normal’. 3200 Tigers are one of those bands, apparently only formed in the last few months.

They’re already fantastic though, even though there are only a couple of songs up on their Soundcloud. Both are wonderful, but ‘Leapfrog’ in particular is a beautifully assured slice of electronic pop music. It’s a little bit playful, a little bit sultry, and beautifully textured, all of which means it is devastatingly effective, the kind of pop song which doesn’t quite know just how great it is. The Newcastle four-piece play Blank Studios in their home town as part of Evolution Emerging on May 26th, and I’m really really excited to see them play.

Words by Paul Brown

Tipped by Joe Frankland

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