Glasgow’s Casual Sex not only boast a name that you ought to google cautiously, but they also possess a mighty fine debut single which was just released via Moshi Moshi Singles Club. ‘Stroh 80’ is an instant indie disco classic brimming with nostalgic post-punk references and hooky, vintage sounding guitar. Interspersed with an endearing, conversational vocal reminiscent of Lou Reed; Casual Sex’s debut is melodically charged and devilishly energetic.

Pricking up the ears of many an Orange Juice/Frankie & the Heartstrings/Talking Heads fan and complete with an equally compelling b-side, the ‘Stroh 80’ single is a fresh and exciting introduction to Casual Sex’s old-school indie charm.

Words by Neil Wood

Tip courtesy of Tam Coyle from The SMIA

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