His parents know Leopard Of Honour as David Roocroft, and he hails from Manchester. When he was picked as part of The Guardian’s ‘New band of the day’ feature, readers were told to file his music next to the likes of Toro Y Moi, d’Eon and Washed Out.

The comparison with American producer Toro Y Moi is definitely understandable, the music of both sparkles with a fondness for that retro 1980s sound. David has actually remixed Toro Y Moi and electronic crooner How To Dress Well in the past too.

‘Visions Of Garuda’ certainly contains those retro, analogue tendencies, there’s that special something there, which smacks of a bygone era in terms of sound but it is also moving forward too. The result is a spacey, vocal-filled track, which says that this Mancunian producer has a promising career ahead of him. The single, which has been featured on Dummy Mag, Abeano and Colette, is available for free download now on Leopard Of Honour’s networks.

Words by Patrick Swift

Tip courtesy of Dan Carson

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