Elusive Newcastle via Leeds dream-pop merchant Scott Johnson (aka Goodbye Chanel) has already unleashed a couple of summer-inspiring tracks recently. Drenched in hazy sun and warmth, his sound is a blend of reverb heavy guitar licks and subtle percussion glazed over by a multi-layered vocal that floats effortlessly over the mix. The charming new ‘Abzarokee Springs’, as expected, does all of the above very well. Feeling like the Sunday morning after the night before; this song is soothing in its delivery and oozes a chill-out quality often evident in the work of Blood Orange or Explosions in the Sky.

Having just been announced as part of this summer’s Evolution Emerging lineup, Goodbye Chanel’s one man demos will soon be translated into an eagerly anticipated full live band effort. Here’s to the soundtrack of the summer, then.

Words by Neil Wood

Tip courtesy of Dan Carson from The Line of Best Fit

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