Dedmoon & Diagrams is a new production duo and musical collaboration fresh out of Leeds/Newcastle, consisting of close friends Luke Elliott and Joey Murphy.

Luke is Diagrams, which means Joey is Dedmoon. They’ve already received praise from culture magazine The New British, who said: “Their music consists of deep and swallowing soundscapes with a lovely bumpy feel pulling you right in.”

‘What You’re Doing To Me’ treads the same line that The New British establishes, but that doesn’t mean to say that these boys are standing still with their latest offering, not by any means.

Although Dedmoon & Diagrams have been placed under future garage and UK bass umbrellas before, ‘What You’re Doing To Me’ slows things right down to the point where hip-hop sensibilities and sounds are coming into play more than those of the aforementioned sub-genres.

Soul vocal samples, strings and heavily reverbed claps all play a key part in the feel of the track which keeps the listener on his or her toes. Best of all, it’s available as a free download now.

Dedmoon & Diagrams play the Evolution Emerging Aftershow Party on 25th May.

Words by Patrick Swift

Tip by Bob Allan & Joe Frankland

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