If anyone is going to make a perfect, pre-packaged pop star, then they should have a look at Ady Suleiman. He’s young, good-looking, a talented guitarist and an even more talented singer – everything you need to face the music industry’s bite. Currently studying at the prestigious LIPA and with a BBC Introducing MistaJam session to his name, the Nottinghamshire musician certainly has an exciting future ahead of him.

Taken from Ady’s MistaJam session, ‘Serious’ is already racking up a healthy amount of hits and it’s no puzzle why. His soulful vocals, styled seemingly on a diet of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, are immediately arresting and ever the more attractive with creaking acoustics plucked beneath them. There’s a definite nod to reggae with attractive off-beat rhythms and looped melodies, but you can pick out a whole host of influences from hip-hop to soul and even a bit of jazz. Ady has gobbled up these sounds and spat them out into a fully-formed pop song in ‘Serious.’ I can’t imagine it’ll be long before the bigwigs wrap their ears around it.

Words by Charlotte Krol

Tip courtesy of Lyndsey Boggis from BBC Introducing

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