If like me, you’ve got that ‘Thursday feeling’ (Work sucks, there’s still one more day to go to the weekend, someone give me a beer, etc etc) then fear not, I have found the cure. Whack on ‘Carjack’ by Greys, turn it up loud (real loud) and praise the Gods of rawk. Greys play ferocious, punch-to-the-face hardcore punk reminiscent of the mighty The Bronx. They’ve also drawn comparisons to Canadians METZ: they both make a bloody lovely racket which isn’t just straight up hardcore-punk, taking in a range of influences from grunge to the post-punk and noise rock of the 90s with nods to the likes of Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, Shellac and The Jesus Lizard.

‘Carjack’, which clocks in at just 1 minute 49 seconds, is an urgent, break-neck track which Greys viciously race through like their lives depend on it, drums pounding, guitar riffs crunching as singer Shehzaad Jiwani howls with a passion and sincerity that so many bands lack these days. It’s all over too quickly, leaving you breathless and invigorated, but everyone knows the best punk tracks are the short ones, those furious bursts of energy that make you lose your shit and forget everything for a couple of minutes. Best just to press that repeat button and let Greys make everything ok again…

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tip from Ach Dhillon from Killing Moon

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