There’s a new genre being bandied about the blogosphere at the moment; ‘Nu Soul’. I’m still not sure quite how I feel about it, but with its origins, at least in part, resting with Jessie Ware, then it most hold some credence with its ever growing usage. Today at Tipping Point towers, we have a case in point in the form of The Hics, a London six-piece that have begun to attract serious attention from all the right places.

Having already won ‘Best Breakthrough Act’ at Giles Peterson’s ‘Worldwide Awards’ before even releasing an official single, The Hics have moved from strength to strength with countless music publications praising the band for their fine balance of soulful vocals, infusion of minimal percussion and instrumental textures that include a melancholic saxophone. It is with this high praise, and very careful consideration of how much information they divulge to the general public, that has attracted the likes of Disco Naivete and NME to stake their claim as supporters.

With a debut EP being rumoured for a release later this year, make sure to head down to Hoxton Bar and Grill on the 20th March to catch The Hics’ first ever live performance.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tip courtesy of Dan Carson

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