‘We are loud,’ Spectres claim on social media and they don’t disappoint. ‘Rattle the Cage‘ pays homage to 90’s grunge; it’s a track made up of obdurate white noise and Sonic Youth inspired distortion, served with a boisterous, ‘fuck you’ side salad. As I listen, my fringe is figuratively splitting in the middle and crawling across to respective sides of my face in the style of Kurt Cobain’s famed, greasy curtains.

The Bristol-based band are no strangers to eerie reverb having recently supported the acid-punk quartet Bo Ningen (who themselves are renown for their psychedelic sonic artistry). Vocally, Joe Hatt’s raucous slurs battle against a roadblock of chaotic aural gravel. His imperfect diction means that occasionally words are lost in a thundering tempest of guitar and it’s like listening with an earful of bath water. Actually, in cinematic terms, their sound is the equivalent of that scene from Nightmare On Elm Street when Freddy’s bladed glove creeps from under the tub and claws in the direction of Nancy’s thighs. Sinister.

Words by Lauren Stafford

Tip courtesy of Shell Zenner

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