Everyone’s favourite masked mackems swoop into 2013 with brand new tune ‘Night Owls’, an insanely infectious track which confirms that B>E>A>K bring the party like no other band in the North East can. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe ‘Night Owls’, taken from their latest EP, The Blue Edition, is the first track to see the avian nutters incorporate vocals into their sound: a breathy, disco-eqsue falsetto with seductive ‘ooooooing.’ I may be breaking the golden rule by revealing one of the men behind the masks here, but the vocals are reminiscent of a certain one man electro-party who goes by the name Razmataz Lorry Excitement and also moonlights as one of our feathered friends.

The dance influence is heavily at play here with the smooth vocals, and ‘Night Owls’ is all the more appealing for it. With it’s irresistible guitar groove guided along by rousing brass and squelching synth lines, it’s absolutely impossible to resist the urge to dance. The great thing about B>E>A>K is that whilst they’re one of the most vibrant, energetic bands around, they’re also incredibly talented musicians, and ‘Night Owls’, like their other tracks, is an intricately layered little beauty. If you haven’t witnessed the power of B>E>A>K live yet, then get yer B>E>A>K on and catch them as soon as you possibly can.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Bob Allan and Joe Frankland

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