Who is INDIANA? Well, she’s from Nottingham, I can tell you that much. I also know that her new single ‘Bound’ sounds like a lascivious affair – the destructive and all-consuming kind. You can definitely file this one under ‘a bit sexy’; in fact, it’s difficult to write about without getting all Mills and Boon.

A seductive baseline pulsates under the refrain ‘this isn’t love, this is dangerous’. Her voice is sultry, slow and purposeful. The sound follows the story arch of a turbulent relationship, picking up in intensity and gathering momentum. There’s a lyrical shift too as initial suggestions of vulnerability and submission are abandoned towards the end in the phrase ‘once your creation, now I’m in charge’.

Comparisons can be made with The XX and even Portishead but this track really stands alone in its quietly confident eroticism. Sorry, have I already used the word sexy? I’m off to have a cold shower.

Words by Lauren Stafford

Tip courtesy of Dan Carson from Abacus Post

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