Already well known on their own accounts, Etta Bond and Raf Riley make it through to Tipping Point towers after the foundation of their new collaborative project – Emergency Room. Standing as the first signing to Labrinth’s new label, Odd Child, the band is an immediate fit into the grime, urban stylings that Labrinth himself draws upon. Having previously worked with the likes of Devlin and Rizzle Kicks, Etta Bond is no stranger to the limelight, though Raf Riley is one of London’s most exciting up and coming producers.

Gritty and unabashed, the sound of Emergency Room is striking through Bond’s soulful vocals, which are juxtaposed to Riley’s heavier production. In this vein, it will no doubt appeal to the sort of fan base Labrinth attracts, and in turn make it’s way to the mainstream radio airwaves in the not so distant future. A pairing made through the insistence of their manager, and one you’ll certainly have to watch in 2013.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tip courtesy of Grant Brydon from HipHopFiend

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