There has been a lot of talk about this Hampshire trio since their upcoming single ‘Into the Night’ emerged online. There has been even more talk about just how young the little scamps are. Which, if you are wondering, is stupidly-barely-legal young. Set for a Paradyse Records release on March 11th and accompanied by b-side ‘Denim Patches’, ‘Into The Night’ is an indie disco gem. Though it may lack in unprecedented originality with its Maccabees via Foals vibe, the song offers an abundance of toe tap inducing hooks. And, for three young chaps, Blaenavon don’t half make a racket. Layered guitars, pulsating bass and pounding percussion throw the forthcoming single right in your face. It’s loud, it’s charmingly messy and there’s no way around it; it’s a downright good tune.

Amongst working on this single and finding their way onto the new Foals video for ‘My Number’, Blaenavon have announced a gig at London’s Buffalo Bar on Thursday 21 February. Follow the band on Facebook for news and updates.

Words by Neil Wood

Tip courtesy of Josh Dalton

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