It’s been a trend in recent years to have one-word band names (Chvrches, Haim, Grimes and Peace – not to mention recent Tipping Point artists: KHUSHI, SOAK and CUBS). Long gone are the days of ‘The’ prefixes, where joining a band was like joining a club with a pre-determined guitar/vocals/drums/bass set-up. Nowadays, with so many musician-cum-producer-cum-DJs and vast experimentation with hybrid genres, it seems pertinent for musicians to name themselves after something less simple than, say, a group of animals. This is where Ecstasy come in, a relatively new act from London who produce “popgaze” tunes in a presumed effort to elevate one’s mental state.

The act’s latest creation, ‘Exhale’, is introduced by abusive klaxon synths, but supple boy/girl harmonies soon soften the heavy blow. Double-wrapped beats and juddering synths sit nicely below lively vocals, much like the stylings of a Naked And Famous or Mausi track (the latter tipped this month). A mesmeric drone neatly carpets the song throughout – perhaps explaining the “popgaze” label – leaving you feeling rather warm and fuzzy inside.

Ecstasy don’t need to fling any amphetamines to fans (and that would be silly, wouldn’t it). Thankfully, their brand of strident power-pop has its own, uncompromising energy.

Words by Charlotte Krol

Tip courtesy of Adam from Alphabet Bands, Rob Platts  & Tom Cotton

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