Bristol has had a knack of churning out some great bands in recent years and these five chaps seem to be amongst a new crop of talent that will doubtless emerge throughout 2013. ‘Oceans’ is one of four tracks available on the 12” vinyl ‘Paradise EP’ through Tidal Recordings – and it is being pushed as a digital single from February 25th. The track itself is incredibly easy listening; its pulsating rhythm section and grand choruses lend themselves to stadium status and it is easy to see why people are beginning to get very excited about Coasts. Whilst flashes of off-beat percussion combine with subtle and melodic guitar to draw parallels with recent similar-genre breakthroughs such as Zulu Winter and Clock Opera, Coasts manage to find a comforting distance and create an off-shooting sound of their own.

Coasts tour the UK throughout February and March in support of this release, calling at Norwich, Bristol, Sheffield, Newcastle and London amongst other destinations. Find out more details from the band’s Facebook page.

Words by Neil Wood

Tip courtesy of Shell Zenner from Amazing Radio

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