How many groups have got ‘maker’ in their moniker? Hundreds of them, probably. It’s easily one of the most popular words spat out by any random band name generator you can find. Don’t believe me? Try Google. I did. Before I listened to this week’s Tipping Point track I thought I was writing about a bunch of Herman Munster-haired techno-Luddites who look like they’ve just stepped out of Rod Stewart’s barbers circa 1972. Now, I button my Fred Perry as high as the next Mod; but is Faces-esque boogie rock really the future?

Thankfully, this Maker is something else entirely. More Mister than Shaker, the enigmatic outfit deliver gorgeous glacial pop that’s as sparse as it is beguiling. Latest track “Non-Believer” is an achingly beautiful ballad that’s as far removed from retro-revivalist rock as you can get. Built on an almost non-existent electric piano motif, it’s a subtle alt-pop gem that builds to a soft crescendo of ethereal vocals and delicate percussion.

And that, my friends, is it. I’ve blogged about the power of anti-marketing a lot recently and Maker have it down perfectly. Their website has links to a few tracks, blog posts and a couple of photos; do an Internet search for more than that, though, and it comes up short. But whatever their origins, line-up or influences, one thing’s certain; Maker make exquisite pop that warms the heart.

Words by Toby Rogers

Tip courtesy of Ach from Killing Moon

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