In the words of the American writer Henry David Thoreau: “one must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” Newcastle’s Mausi are no strangers to this philosophy, with the sun-bleached electro-pop of ‘sol.’ wearing record needles thin over the course of 2012. Now the quartet are welcoming in the new year with ‘Move’ and still have every intension of overdosing on the Sunny-D.

‘Move’ already feels like an established Saturday night floor filler with its beefy 90s piano hooks and fluttering high hat taps. Darting synths bring Calvin Harris’ ‘Sweet Nothing’ to mind, but the organic harmonies of Italian-born siblings Daisy and Thomas Finetto results in its more carefree disposition.

Your mother may fail to describe what the kids get down to nowadays, but the words “groovy” and “funky” do have their place here. ‘Move’ is to-the-point, feel-good dance music – a breath of fresh air in the stale furrows of January.

Mausi play The Tipping Point‘s Roundhouse Rising Showcase at The Sage Gateshead Sunday 17th February.

Words by Charlotte Krol

Tip courtesy of Bob Allan

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