#006 – Home or Away: The pros and cons of using a home studio

Being a young musician involves a lot of work. Getting to grips with instruments, publicising finished work and arranging gigs are all quite tough, but one of the most arduous parts of musicianship is the recording process. Working out what each piece of software does and how sound can be optimised is important, but a venue has to be chosen first.

Artists will either plump for a purpose-built recording studio or decide to stay at home instead. The latter option was chosen out of sheer necessity by East India Youth, a nominee for the 2014 Mercury Music Prize, with many others before him starting their careers from the sanctuary of their bedrooms. There have been many success stories of home recording including Bruce Springsteen, The Black Keys and Jamie T.

Home studios are a staple for many musicians, but what makes them useful and not so useful? We list some of the pros and cons:

Pros of home recording
• It’s cheaper than using a studio – studio time can cost money, whereas using a bedroom won’t cost a thing if you decide to just empty it of all clutter
• It gives you more freedom to choose how and when you can record, something that’s not always possible in a more conventional studio
• Home studios can be made to look the way an artist wants. With a recording studio, it’s important to be careful with everything you’re likely to touch
• Recording at home means you can do so whenever you like, whereas time at a normal studio can be limited, as you can only book one for so long

Cons of home recording
• Less control over things like background noise – at home, there could be numerous distractions that might interrupt recording
• Home studios as environments are less professional than a typical recording studio, as they feel more homely and are less conducive to hard work
• Home studios often require extra equipment, whereas purpose-built studios have all the tech needed to lay down a few tracks

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