Dreamy, silky and enchanting. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when listening to York based trio, LUUNA and their debut song 'A Big Fat Something'.

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Before we get into listening and telling you about today’s tip, be warned, it’s an earworm. You’ll be humming the chorus away to yourself for the rest of the week. Okay? We have warned you! Keir is a Bristol based singer-songwriter who has a soulful voice and style. His new track ‘Probably’ is a fantastic … Continue reading



If you put a gun to my head (please don’t) and said ‘who’s your favourite band?’, I think I’d have to say The National. I love Matt Berninger and co and think they’ve created some wonderful albums, so I was very excited to see a new group taking one of their lyrics (it’s from ‘All … Continue reading



After a long three-year hiatus, Aimee Herbert-Smith aka Mere Child returns with a brooding, ‘vulnerable and anxiety-driven’ piece of etheral synth-pop. The song builds gradually throughout the three minutes. A constant kick drum pulsing underneath gives the track life, layers of dark synth and delicate harmonies are added one by one, and splashes of subtle … Continue reading



When I first heard ‘Get Off‘, I was sure Zuzu would be a band, rather than the name and work of a multi-talented solo writer. In this track she’s accompanied by a talented backing band who rise and fall throughout the song with impeccable timing, and go some way to making the track the glorified, … Continue reading



Fuzz fueled psychedelic pop is what’s on offer today from Reading-based Palm Honey and their new track ‘Bones’. A song that originally started out as a slower chilled out track, it has become a staple of their live set, but with the recorded version things have been sped up a bit and a slightly more … Continue reading