I’m a sucker for strings – I’ll just about like anything with them in but by the time they make their…Read more


Impressive silky vocals – think John Legend meets Sam Smith – coupled with a single euphonious guitar line blend together to create this alternative urban but jazz-inspired track. A delicate guitar intro announces the jazz influences early on, before we hear Bello’s diva-quality crooning arrive to blend an instant hit. Minimalistic, easy listening at its … Continue reading


Psych-pop London outfit Mellow Gang are today’s tip on the site with their wonderful release ‘Lagoon’, it’s an absolute gem so it’s no surprise they’ve had tons of love across the blogosphere in recent months. The London four-piece, who describe themselves as “Ennio Morricone meets Tame Impala”, have a warmth and fuzziness to their sound … Continue reading


As the working week draws to a close, we have the perfect song for you to lose yourself in a serene moment in time. This is three-piece Shadowlark and their wonderful new single ‘Control’. Leeds has an exciting music scene at the moment and Shadowlark’s ethereal electro pop certainly adds to that. Singer Ellen Smith has a … Continue reading


Chichester based, Dutch Criminal Record, who describe themselves as ‘Summery South Coast Indie’, have released their latest single, ‘Wasted Time’. An upbeat offering that’s a perfect, feel good, summer track – fast and light on its feet. The relatively long intro sets the tone with a catchy bassline, a central guitar solo and instrumental ending are … Continue reading


Citadel came back to Victoria Park for a third year, continuing its quest to be the ‘ultimate summer Sunday’. Last year it bet big on Sigur Ros pulling in the crowds, this year the headliner was a different style but still a massive name in Foals. The wider lineup straddles indie, rock, electro and folk, … Continue reading