Today’s tip sounds as exotic as tunes come on The Tipping Point but in actual fact it comes from the Welsh town of Carmarthen.... the dreamy pop musings of songwriter J Francis’ new moniker, Hotel Del Salto.

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Noisy, strained, hostile and fiery, four reasons that you should immediately crank your speakers up to full and listen to the new single from Croydon based noise makers Frauds. ‘Suck Jobs’ clocks in at just over two minutes long and it is two minutes of pure intensity and energy from the duo consisting of Mike … Continue reading



Social media can be an amazing tool (who knows how we’d keep in touch with faraway friends if we didn’t have the likes of Facebook, Twitter or even Skype), but dig a little bit deeper and there’s also a pretty toxic side to the platforms we use everyday. How many of us can honestly say … Continue reading



‘Can’t Be Mine’, the latest single from East London based outfit Bad Nerves is a frantic, two minute furious joy ride through fuzzed out riffs, distorted vocals with more melody packed in than you ever thought possible. Sitting somewhere between The Ramones and The Underground Railroad to Candyland, Bad Nerves expertly walk the line between … Continue reading



Deyyess’ track, ‘Guns’, opens with harrowing twangs akin to ‘Come as You Are’ and although the opening echoes grunge-rock, the song is soon transformed. As Deyyess begins to sing, her unique voice blends brilliantly with guitar and the song begins to take on a more electric feel. The track undergoes another transformation as violins are … Continue reading



It’s clear from the opening bars of DULAHLI’s latest track, ‘Machines’, that his is a deliciously dark and different world to ours. A low Vangelisy synth line surfaces from beneath trickling electronica bringing a sense of unease and foreboding. It’s a hell of an introduction to this enigmatic and wildly talented producer. A quick google … Continue reading