Bo Rocha

    Getting your first track premiered by The Fader isn’t a bad way to start proceedings, and that’s exactly what new London artist Bo Rocha has done with ‘Tangerine Flake’. Cinematic, soothing and calm, the track is sparsely populated with atmospheric percussive parts that make it all the more powerful. The track title comes from a Tom Wolfe essay about customised cars in 1960s Los Angeles, and that’s where a lot of the inspiration lies. Read More

Super Luxury


For those that embrace the unintelligible, I give you: ‘Ian Mackaye Made So Much Money Out of Fugazi…’ by Super Luxury. The full title is almost long enough to satisfy the word count for this review, so I’ll leave the rest out, but no matter how long the title is, the song stays at 3 … Continue reading

Peter Lyons


Artwork and image is a very important part of the puzzle that is music but sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint how vital it is in a release. Before hearing today’s tip ‘Leave Me’, which is gorgeous by the way, I had seen the unpleasantly disfigured artwork shared around blogs all week. In this … Continue reading

The Purist


On ‘Pyrex Scholar’, Brighton-based hip-hop producer The Purist explores a world that couldn’t sound less like it came from a seaside town in England if it tried. From the first few seconds of plodding bass and jazz flute on track one, ‘Patina’, one can’t help but recall pimp canes, gold teeth and chrome-plated Mac 11s. … Continue reading



‘When Did Your Last Rose Die?’ is an ambitious, commanding and keenly intelligent track. Above all else, it’s a bold statement of intent from a band who are only just preparing for their first headline show and the release of their debut EP. As a riposte to the classic love ballad, Emerson’s howled words chart a … Continue reading

Will Joseph Cook


Tunbridge Wells singer-songwriter Will Joseph Cook is currently gearing up to release his new EP ‘You Jump I Run’, and has so far dropped three gorgeous slices of indie in the run up to its release. His song ‘Message’ recently reached number one on the overall Hype Machine chart, ahead of Kendrick Lamar; that’s no … Continue reading


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