Straight-up garage-rock from Liverpool’s Shrinking Minds, ‘Fun’ is a 2 and a half minute belter indebted to rock’n’roll and grunge from a sweatier, dirtier time. With so much clean and tasteful alt-pop filling up the medium de jour for emerging artists (i.e. the tastemaker blogosphere), it’s nice to hear something a little more rough around the edges coming through. Read More



Leaving familiar locales for somewhere new is quite a common thing among bands trying to free themselves from distractions. But when the familiar locale is Australia and the destination is Manchester, as was the case with FAIRCHILD, then it’s a little different – they must’ve been fed up of the sun. But when the end result … Continue reading



Bombastic bass, wobbly synths and TNGHT-tinted brass combine in ‘Evil Twin‘. Released as the title track of Krrum’s first EP, ‘Evil Twin’ is upbeat, electronic R&B with an infectious hook. Huge beats prevail amidst this tale of struggle with your own inner demons. Krrum’s warm vocal brings a gruff, intimate soul whilst set alongside an … Continue reading

BAd Sounds


Late in 2015, Bad Sounds set the bar with their Lo-Fi indie smash ‘Banger‘ (which does exactly as it says on the tin). With their latest release ‘Avalanche‘, not only have they kicked it up a notch, but they’ve proved to the world that they are anything but a one-trick pony. Relaxed and effortlessly cool, … Continue reading

HAns Island


Bands named after little known territorial disputes between two of the world’s more peaceful and easygoing nations are, to put it mildly, quite rare. Yet the tiny Hans Island finds itself not only the subject of a long-rumbling and bitter disagreement between Denmark and Canada, but also the name taken by singer-songwriter Marie Dalhstrom and … Continue reading



Abrupt, moody and strange. These three words could describe teens just on the verge of their first growth spurt, but they also describe Blumenkind’s “Clung To (Part 3).” Unlike the teenager, however, ‘Clung To (Part 3)’ is pleasant on the ears. In just the first few seconds of listening, it becomes evident that this multi-layered … Continue reading


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