Anytime someone says autobahn, admittedly it’s not the commonest occurrence but it does happen (especailly after blasting for 2 hours in the wrong direction on a recent trip to Germany), I am overcome with only one thought, electronic krautrock. I’d grown to accept that Kraftwerk had tragically conditioned me; I was to be this way forever, no escape from the loop. That was until I listened to the Leeds based ‘Autobahn’ who have finally released me from the torment... Read More



When you hear of Guernsey, the average person’s mind usually thinks someone’s just saying Jersey, it’s brother on the Channel, wrong or, if you’re a bit up on your Guernsey knowledge, that that’s where Victor Hugo was exiled and wrote some great books. The one thing that rarely pops into your head is that is … Continue reading



Liverpool’s latest emerging talent Banners (formerly known as Raines) has unveiled his newest release ‘Shine A Light’ with its simmering summer sound proving a hit with many a tastemaker in the last few weeks. The track itself is incredibly anthemic so it’s no wonder the maestro has attracted plenty of praise across the blogosphere since … Continue reading



Details around four-piece PREP are scarce as yet. What we do know is that they’re made up of a Hip Hop producer, a House DJ, a singer/songwriter and a classical composer – and they’re capable of producing fantastically dreamy Funk in the form of their debut ‘Cheapest Flight‘. On the track, shuffling hi-hats and syncopated … Continue reading

Jimi Charles Moody Tipping Point


Today’s tip comes from Jimi Charles Moody, a man who spectacularly lives up to his surname in ‘The Woman’, a fine slice of orchestral soul documenting his pain at having lent his heart to a lady who may not have reciprocated entirely faithfully. Jimi’s dark vocal hangs heavy with his emotional distress; portentous piano and … Continue reading

St Pieree


The St Pierre Snake Invasion’s sprightly and sludgy slab of garage-rock, ‘Call the Coroner’, is a real ear-worm (or ‘ear-snake’ I guess…). Whilst on first listen the crunching guitars alongside Damien Sayalls wailing vocals can seem off-puttingly abrasive, if you stick it out until the end of the tune you’ll be compelled to play it … Continue reading


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