Everything about South East London's Jesse James (Solomon) appears unpretentious and understated - whether it's the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin title of his debut EP 'Jesse From SE', his lackadaisical approach on the mic, or the new set of visuals that accompany 'Tides'.Read More



Brighton duo Oslo Parks have arrived with debut single ‘Twin’, which has just been released this week via X Novo, the label that also released Tipping Point favourites Phoria‘s ‘Display’ EP recently. ‘Twin’ – which was actually the first song that Oslo Parks wrote together – flaunts the duo’s knack for both strong songwriting and … Continue reading



There seems to be a recent trend across band names. While choosing a name for your musical project a few conditions must be met. A vicious view of vowels, a constant consternation of constantans and, above all, a cheerful crush on capitals, are all a must. Of course, to ensure your music gets a big … Continue reading

Rumour Cubes


‘Seven Year Glitch’ is a Rumour Cubes song, and that means cinematic, string-led post-rock. If post-rock’s mandate is to re-contexualise the instruments responsible for 60 years of rock ‘n’ roll, and use them to make a new sort of music, Rumour Cubes are in line with that doctrine. ‘Seven Year Glitch’ is a delicate, arcing … Continue reading


The first single taken from producer Haich’s Province EP, Breezin’, is a nod to the strength of creativity in UK hip hop right now. Sounding like you’ve just tuned into an old analogue radio station and happened upon the track, the scuzzy lo-fi electric organ samples resound over Kepler Gold’s metronomic grime rhymes throughout. The … Continue reading


The North East of England’s music scene is something I hold very dear to my heart, so when an artist from the region begins to pick up national traction then it is an absolute delight to welcome them into the spotlight. Lisbon have been bubbling under the surface for a little while now, building up … Continue reading


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