Pretty Vicious
  • Pretty Vicious

    Every once and while there is a band that comes completely out of nowhere, even unbeknownst to even the most informed in the respective local music scene. In the latter end of 2014, that band was Pretty Vicious. Read More



We’re acting as travel agents today. You know that horrific feeling you get when you return to work just after the brilliant Christmas & New Year holidays? You know that urge you have to go and book a holiday to the Bahamas? We have a tip for you today which takes you there. By now … Continue reading



UK Producer Lewis Dransfield (also responsible for Drum n Bass project TwoThirds) has teamed up with Mammals’ Guy Brown, to create LVTHER’s debut single – a synthpop colab that would interestingly be at home in a Kitsune showcase. Brown’s wistful vocals alternate with powerful synth-stabs in a hook heavy, dancefloor friendly, almost mockingly commercial, four … Continue reading



Monogram is the brainchild of post-pop producer and Glasgow native Liam Rutherford, who specialises in crafting glitchy and epic pop gems of an infectious nature. ‘Romance’, the latest offering from Monogram, is a glistening pop track, which combines twinkly synth parts with erratic guitar stabs and almost hypnotic vocal lines, resulting in a texturally thick … Continue reading

Coquin Migale


Today’s tip comes from Coquin Migale, who, despite having a name seemingly borrowed from a Guianese goatherd, are actually a young North-East four-piece. Armed only with a few guitars and a youthfully sweary Facebook page, they’re on a mission to single-handedly revive the so-uncool-it’s-almost-cool-again indie-rock genre. ‘Gold’ is taken from their second EP, Feel, released … Continue reading



London producer Ollie McKendrick-Ness, otherwise known as OMN, has caused quite a stir with his latest release, the aptly titled ‘In Quiet Rooms’. The 20-year-old released his first single in over a year a few weeks back and the likes of Hilly Dilly, I Heart Moosiq and Stereofox have all been quick to jump on … Continue reading


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