Rhett Nicholl

    Hailing from North London, Rhett Nicholl has entered into the Tipping Point limelight as somewhat of a mysterious figure. With very little information online, what we do know comes in the form of his début effort 'Borderline' and a stunning video created by The Lurkers. An unassuming, down-tempo beginning eases the listener into Nicholl's sublimely soulful vocals, and as 'Borderline' develops there is a sense of rejuvenation and hope that is matched by accompanying soaring choral vocals. Read More



Some songs have nothing to do with their title. New Order were good at song title dissonance – ‘Fine Time‘, ‘The Perfect Kiss‘, even ‘Blue Monday‘ don’t have any direct relevance to their lyrical or musical content (ok, it’s an arguable point that New Order’s song titles always did carry at least an oblique reference … Continue reading

Wide Skies


Our tip today opens with glittery guitars, bearing down on a melancholic but warm tale of a relationship in repair. It’s a lovely notion of a couple coming together on a promise to strengthen their bond, by making a vow to take care of their love. London’s Wide Skies first met in 2012 and have … Continue reading



With FKA Twigs currently the front runner in the race for this year’s Mercury Music Prize, and the likes of Generator’s own Lulu James making waves in music press, it seems like a great time to be producing intelligent R&B in the UK. The latest band to cause a stir are the electronic duo Traces, … Continue reading



After building a live following since their 2012 birth, Castleford quintet Allusondrugs have recently released their debut EP via Clue Records – a fast paced and ferocious six track work that shares the band’s name. Opening song, ‘I’m Your Man’, draws in elements of grunge and indie-rock in equal measure, allowing for an excitingly brash … Continue reading



There’s something quintessentially British about Oscar Scheller‘s ‘Kitchen Song’. From the 20-something Londoner’s polite, slightly baritone vocal delivery to the optimistic indie-pop jangle of the track, there’s a charming sense of good old fashioned, well-mannered ‘Britishness’ at play here. Free from any pretensions or posturing, ‘Kitchen Song’ is sweetly simple, even down to it’s unassuming, … Continue reading


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