220,000 plays in less than two weeks is a pretty impressive feat, especially for an artist who’s only released one song online, yet that’s what London-based Rationale have achieved with their song ‘Fast Lane’. By harnessing all the best elements of jangle-pop and downbeat club elements and distilling it into a mellow, sub three-minute smooth jam, replete with distinctive vocals and a catchy riff, and you’ve got everything you need for an infectious earworm. Read More



“Less is more” is an adage that seems to have become something of a mantra in the R&B world of late. Everything has been stripped back to the bare minimum and, with it, so has the emotional masks of the artists themselves (though, ironically, many of them do still try to cultivate an air of … Continue reading



London-based vocalist Basheba says that her love of music stems from the passion that the people of Barbados (her mother’s country of origin) have for music. Given the sun-drenched, optimistic production from TWD on ‘High ‘N’ Dry’, she certainly seems to have a point. An unabashed lover of drum & bass, Basheba opts for a … Continue reading

Cold Courage


There’s a new kid on the downtempo electronica scene: Cold Courage. ‘Her’, the first track released by the 23-year-old producer, sees astute samples skip alongside feral vocals and protruding percussion with understated flair. How none of those individual elements are lost in his layering is surely testament to that; in fact, the track’s entire composure … Continue reading



This track comes from the Province EP being released by UK producer Haich and featuring a host of UK MCs, this time it’s the turn of Luui. ‘Onetwo’ is a tricky inspired piece of chilled out hip-hop with the sounds of the city swirling in the background. Large parts of the tune sound like a … Continue reading



Today’s tip should only take you two minutes to listen to, but we guarantee you’re going to want to replay it a good ten times. It’s called ‘Diesel Therapy’ and comes from London four-piece CHILDCARE. Despite the band’s name, this kind of music probably doesn’t embody the kind of music you’d want to leave your … Continue reading


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