Garden is the latest dreamy pop sound from Scottish multi-instrumentalist C-Duncan (the C stands for Christopher!). Drenched in 60’s style, with crisp guitars and swirling vocals it is another string to the performer’s already strong bow. Read More

Martha Ffion


Martha Ffion is a Glasgow based artist who gives us a sweet take on surf rock with her new single ‘No Applause’; a track that blends lo-fi fuzz guitar, silvery vocals and more traditional song structure in a way that echoes the likes of Best Coast … but with a more poetic, metaphoric lyricism. Although distinctively influenced by … Continue reading



Once upon a time I had long hair, spots and listened to a lot of heavy rock. I even joined a band and shouted a lot. Moving on a score of years I’m still partial to a seriously fat and overdriven riff, and attitude laden vocals. That said, there seems to have been some serious … Continue reading



The height of many a schoolkids’ ambition might be to take the lead in school play, or perhaps snog the best-looking girl in the class behind the bike sheds. Their school band getting signed to Fierce Panda sounds so unlikely that it would be ridiculous to even dream about it. But that’s exactly what the … Continue reading



Tomorrow, music-hungry fans from far and wide will descend on Sheffield city centre for the annual Tramlines Festival to gorge themselves on the three day auditory feast. This year’s incarnation runs from Friday July 24th to Sunday July 26th, taking over more than thirty venues across the city. The massively eclectic lineup spans a multitude … Continue reading

Safe to swim


Brighton Four piece Safe to Swim hit hard with ‘Forget life. Repeat’ an energetic slice of 90’s style heavy pop, brimming with witty lyrics, crashing guitars and catchy synth. This is an anthem that needs to be listened to. As the title suggests there’s a self-deprecating tone but it’s far from depressing, the lyrics are … Continue reading


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