Most artists start out singing covers, though these days it's moved from the grotty local pub to the wide open field of YouTube. West Londoner Courtney Bennett is just one of those that have garnered an impressive following from her recordings on YouTube, but now it's time for her to branch out and really make her mark.Read More

Matt Woods2


Matt Woods seemingly has soul to burn on ‘Blue Skies’. The former choir boy enters the fray with a voice somewhere between James Blunt, James Morrison and Michael McDonald after a night out sponsored by Jack Daniels and Benson & Hedges. The downtempo vibe and skeletal electronic instrumentation on this is on point and a … Continue reading



Mabel‘s ‘Know Me Better‘ has recently been featured as Annie Mac’s ‘Tune of the Week’, and deservedly so. Her vocals are airy and ethereal, but have some serious depth. There’s also a touch of the nineties about ‘Know Me Better‘ thanks to Hip Hop-inspired percussion, Ashanti-style backing vocals and what sounds like a Mos Def … Continue reading



Tender strings and eye-brow raising falsetto form today’s musical slice of something sweet in the form of Newcastle’s Ajimal. The folk singer speaks about quiet desperation in Apathy/Apatheia and the song becomes something you want to pause your day to listen to, enjoying the isolation of the piano and wonderous falsetto. At the same time … Continue reading



It’s easy to lose yourself looking at stars. Sometimes, of a night, when you look up into the deep black of the dark, dark night, you can find yourself drifting, floating off into an otherworldly trance. Distracted by the spritely, dancing stars, you really start to question your (in)significance in the world. In their latest … Continue reading



Scottish duo, Smash Williams, finds the delicate space between soothing and soul-crushing, and fits right in there. The debut track “A Splash of Colour” is a fusion of lyrics that have a tinge of the national and dreamy, echo-laden guitars that reflect the surreal moment of falling in love- a sentiment that this song captures … Continue reading


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